WTS radio goes 24/7

Witness the sickness radio has been going nearly a year now, and we thort it was time to go 24/7.This means more shows, more beats and offcourse more basslines. You can now lock on any day of the week at any hour!
What more can you want?

With a new website, new server and now going 24/7, WTS radio is going from strength to strength. We now have over 40 different djs and crews from all over the world, including Myself, Dj bugg, Nolan, DJ redeye, Subterra, AD_rewind,Heider,Frisk,Throttler, UK-whitelabel(record shop) and many many more.

So what are you waiting for? Get locked on to the website, and tuned in now!

Id like to take the minute to thank everyone whos helped us over the last few months, Chris, Leighton, Jimmy, everyone @ Uk-whitelabel, everyone who is a part of the NW drum and bass scene, Neil@ichipromotions, Sappo, Skelm, Cheech and ofcourse Vickie.

Big up to all of them, and big up ya'selfs.

Witness the sickness, The badboy, the buziness.

Website: www.witnessthesickness.com
Winamp link:
Windows media player link: http://witnessthesickness.com/New/ListenWMA.asx
Real Player Link: http://witnessthesickness.com/New/ListenREAL.ram
Chatroom: http://www.witnessthesickness.com/framesets/chat.htm
Forum: http://www.1-2-free-forums.com/mf/witnessthesickn.html


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