wts production comp (judged by sappo)

WTS radio production competition.

WTS radio have teamed up with Uk white label .co.uk and 1extra DJ, DJ sappo to
bring you the WTS radio producton competition.

The closing date for all entry's is the 15th of august 2005. Then we we cut down all the entries to just 20,
which will be put up for a public vote on the WTS forum (www.witnessthesickness.com). This 20 will then be cut
down to the final 10... Which then will be judged by DJ Sappo(1xtra). The overall winner will then be announced on the
6th of september 2005.


-All tracks must be less than 8 minutes long.
-Any style of drum and bass will be accepted.
-No remixes of any kind are allowed to be entered.
-Tracks must be sent to the AIM or MSN address at the bottom of this post before the 15th of august.
-Our desision is final, and will not be changed.
-We hold the right to withdraw any entries at our own disgretion.
-All entrants must be registered on the WTS forum before submitting there entry.


1st prize - Your own tune on solid vynal for you to play.

2 runners up will get WTS t-shirts, and some other goodies that we can find.

SO what are you waiting for? Get into your studio, and start making them beats.
A sample pack to aid you with your track is avaliable
here >>http://www.osmosisbeats.com/audio/dnb/witnessthesickness/WTS tune comp sample pack.zip
For more infomation on this competition and to submit your track. please contact Kinda at any of the ways below.

AIM: dadjkinda
MSN: djkinda@hotmail.com
email: djkinda@hotmail.com

Good luck with your track. we look forward to hearing them.