Wrisk - Method / Lego (G2)


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Jan 30, 2002
A nice few tunes from the Gain crew who have a strong presence these days.
Method is a reasonable techstepper but goes for more interesting sounds than your usual distorted filtering bass, and pops some nice rhythmic stabbing sounds over a sub which I really like. The beats are a bit too synthetic sounding for my tastes but they fit well I suppose (I just have a thing for hating very drum machine sounding beats).
Lego is the better tune on this slab and is a real quirky stepper with a very streamlined sound and many interesting elements. The beats are pretty similar to the A side but the bassline and backdrop are much better. The bassline has the same rhythmic stab sound with a little filtered tail after it on each stab, and a wicked little bleepy melody that pops in over the top of it.
To sum up this has a very distinctive sound and Wrisk is destined for big things in the future. ONe side is a bit pants but Lego is a top tune.
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