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Im kind of new DJ'ing put up a few mixes thought i'd post this one and get some feedback (hopefully). It's not the best a few errors here and there, please feel free to give me any tips, instruction, or guidance. Thank you and maybe enjoy haha.


Track list:
Student - Limitless And Kraze
Sleep Choir - Konichi
The Hunter - Dub Zero
Harrys Revenge - Taxman
Around The World - Sativa Dub & Silent Type
Applauded - Konochi
Greedy - Leks
Walk And Skank (Northern Lights Remix) - Serial Killaz
Missing - Telekom
Fly Gal Feat Mc Trigga (Remix) - Rowney And Propz
Special - Konichi
No Fear (Spectrasoul Remix) - Enei And Riya
Run It Like The President (Ft. T-Man) - Dub Phizix & Skeptical
Deadly Thoughts - Dbr Uk & Ink
You're The One (Dub Phizix Remix) - Charli Xcx
Let It Roll (Remix) - Dj Crystl
Bulldozer - Dj Redoo
Ganja Mam(Jaydan Remix) - Krome & Time
Super Sharp Shooter - Dj Zinc
Stretched - Dj Zinc
Marka Yardie - Dj Shepdog
Killers Don't Die - Dj Hazard
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Hey Wrekt. Not another Mr Smith on this forum.... soon we'll have the whole clan on here :teeth:

Interesting tracklist & thought I'd give it a listen as I'm hitting up a jump up rave tomorrow & need to get in the frame of mind. The first mix was alright, a bit too tearing on the ears. Not heard Harry's Revenge in a while (prob my 3rd favourite on that ep behind Look What You've Done & Drunken Fool) plus the chopped in vocal from the tune before worked. Around The World is a nice tune. Not heard that before & enjoyed the lazy bass in there. Applauded came in nicely & sat well in the mix. No Fear rmx worked really well with Special. Always a bit jubious about playing sub-genres into each other & how they will turn out. President intro came out of nowhere. Possibly the hardest thing in recent months (for me) has been trying to mix that second part of The President's intro which is just lyrics & no beat so that it mixes into the last tune + sometimes keep them both going. Heard Clarity & Alix Perez do it before, but I'm not at their level. Didn't hear Deadly Thoughts in the mix, either that, or it wasn't prominant in there.

If there were any errors in there, they were hardly noticable & didn't stand out like a soar thumb. An alright mix. Just not all jump up as the title might suggest
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Haha there are smiths everywhere you cannot escape us!

Firstly, thank you for the good reply and feedback it is much appreciated. I'm just getting into jump up really so my collection of tunes is quite limited unfortunately :(. Yeah run it like the president is a hard one i think. I went in with the first beat which turned out as what would be a snare. As for the deadly thoughts i think that is a track list error as i was using traktor(all beat grids, phase, sync disabled. judge if you want haha) so i just copied the track list from there. I love trying to mix sub genres, especially some minimal tunes i like how it can suddenly and completely change the vibe if done well.

I couldn't think of what to call it. i think i will start giving my mixes more generic names.

Have fun at your jump up rave and cheers again!