Would you like to reunite with someone you met raving?


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Raw TV are developing an exciting new TV series for a UK broadcaster and are looking to hear from people who would like to trace someone from their past.

Do you need help finding someone?

Would you like to be reunited with someone you’ve lost touch with?

Or would you like to find the knight in shining armour who helped you in a time of need?

We want to hear from anyone who's having trouble tracking down someone important - whether it's a rush hour crush, the best friend you made and lost at a festival, a lover who got away, or a stranger that saved your life.

No trace is too big or small so please get in touch for a confidential chat by emailing

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yea i met loads of beautiful women who were all over me in my late teens and early twenties, if you could find me a couple of them.. not all. just a few.. that would be swell (y)

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Jun 27, 2013
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