Would you know to identify this great track?

Anyone would know to identify the "unknown" track playing in the background? It's a relatively bad quality TV recording - but can "recognize" this part of the lyrics...


1. ... shadow(s). (?!)
2. (Leave it all [?!]) forever.
3. Walk away together.
4. Walkin('/g) down (the [?!])...

I love the track (its uplifting "Drum&Bassy" rhythm, sweet chord combination/"Chill Out" mood & the dreamy/attractive female vocal ["as a core bead of female original beauty"]...) but can't identify the composer/band nor the name of the track...


(I hear the lyrics at its best when I lower everything by the WinAmp equalizer, except 1K/3K - 1K is a bit "higher" and both are behind the half... got also a WAVE file, where the noise is a bit cleaner, but I think it isn't that bad with the MP3 too...)

Thanx to everyone for any form of help! And glad if you like the track for yourself too! :cool:
Tom500 said:
I can't be 100% but it sounds to me like something by Klute
Thanx, but do you have an idea, which album it may be on? I've checked out some stuff from them, but haven't found anything till know... (but their style is sometimes quite similar in my opinion too... yeah... drum&bass... :) )

(oh, and I also suppose it was written/published BEFORE 2003/2004...)
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