Would like some mixing tips on a finished Neuro track, to help it sound cleaner

Discussion in 'New Talent & Track Reviews' started by Alien Exposure, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Alien Exposure

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    Dec 2, 2014
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    Hey guys so i've been working on this one a while and even my more recent stuff sounds clearer than it, any chance i could get any thoughts on how you lot think it sounds? cheers
    If you're listening to it on a decent system i'd love to know what monitors they are and if it sounds nice!

  2. Void Stalker

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    Sep 29, 2013
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    I don't think it sounds too unclear, if you have anything on the master channel that isn't full mastering quality it'll rarely sound crystal clear.
    The idea is their, all it needs is a bit more breaks in it as its a bit similar without.
    As for the bass which sounds good in practice but it lacks a bit of dynamic modulation in the main bass to make the growls really come at you and sound 3D (which I personally find difficult), multiband compressors and exciters can bring it out but its sometimes hard to keep the pass solid when you add a lot, I find doing the most as possible in the synth keeps this together rather than loading loads of plugins in the chain but I either way can work
    Splitting up the main bass Helps, adding another layers with more movement works well for me
    But Its all in their to be worked with so you've done the hardest part
  3. momentuk

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    Aug 15, 2014
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    Pretty sick mix man! The best way I get cleaner mixes is by simply going through each track, and filtering out any unneeded high and low end. This can help remove a lot of hiss type sounds that you don't actually need, especially from snares and basslines... You can often remove above 8kHz and still have a nice sounding bass that doesn't sound too dark. Not the most helpful of comments but maybe something that'll help you in future.