would apreciate some reviews for my first ever track


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First off, have a bit of forum etiquette mate. You have double posted the same topic and have yet to even comment on any one else's tracks as of yet.

As far as your track goes, I like the concept and the orchestral feel you're going for, but the track as a whole needs some serious surgical eq as the majority of the frequencies seem to be colliding with one another. Not sure what's happening at around 2:39, but all of sudden the track increases in volume and throws the listening off a bit. Aim for a nice consistent volume amongst the entire tune. In the beginning of the track there are some random percussion hits that seem to slice through the mix and stand out like a soar thumb. Turn those bits down.

Also, consider sending all your drum parts to a bus and throw a compressor on the fucker. This will glue your drums and give them the audible notion of being from the same kit. Furthermore it will help smooth out the volume issues a little bit.

Practice makes perfect. Just keep trying and search the forum for a plethora of tutorials on EQing, compression, sound design, etc. And in the future, please listen to the tracks of others as people are more likely to respond to your tunes with feedback if you have done the same. To add, also embed your soundcloud clip into your post instead of an external link.