Wosson people?


Let's have a go on that.
Yo I'm Will aka DJ £10 Bag, or the other way round, it depends.

Been spinning a bit over a year, can't really remember, but it feels like longer because I've always been heavily into music and DJing seemed the logical step forward.

Been producing a bit longer than DJing, playing guitar for about 11 years now, and me and my bro (Sheer Kahn, recently signed up to this forum) DJ every week down the local pub with THC Mongrel DJs (name says it all).

That's pretty much it, I won't bore you with my favourite pizza and shit, but I will bore you with my myspace so you can check out some of my beats! (www.myspace.com/10bag)

See you in the forum!

Peace out

£10 Bag