World Fusion DNB


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Apr 6, 2016
I know there is a lot of music out there that basically fits the DNB criteria, even if the producers weren't even thinking about DNB when they made it. Literally any kind of music can be adapted to the DNB format, and I'm looking to get my hands on some music that is a bit less synth-based and may include more acoustic instruments. I've heard some pretty jazzy and swing-based music on the Putomayo world music hour on the radio sometimes and when I hear it, I just think that it's perfect tempo to mix with DNB. Sambass is a great crossover genre which I highly enjoy. Utah jazz also does a lot of good jazz crossover stuff. I'm looking to get more of the worlds sounds in a DNB format, so if anyone can help with suggestions, please do. My friend Mason once put it very well, "Drum and Bass is the language of the world."
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