Working on this new remix :) Suggestions?

Not bad. The bass works the drums r fine too, it just needs more percussion(some switches, change of hat/shaker patterns maybe?) and more elements as a whole. Pads, some fx, some little blips n blops here n there. The sounds that u got in there are cool and I know u r going for a more minimal vibe but it sounds kinda empty and repetative to me, as it is. Also there is sth bout the kick that i don't like, but can't put my finger on it rite now.
If it was my tune I'd start working on an atmospheric pad/s next.
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Safe man :) yeah, theres still stuff I wanna add! I am thinking about doing more work with vocals right now and as you mentioned, percussion variation :)

Thanks for listening!
I agree with underspawn, it needs some pads and some stuffs happening here and there! I'm not really the minimal kind of guy and perhaps that gives me another opinion to what should be added in this track. And maybe turn down the "snare" only a couple of db's, its nice but it makes you focus too much on just that. Keep at it :)
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