DnB Work in progress [Project X] v.2

Neural Tech

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Jul 31, 2009
I left feedback:

"Boy, your Wav is interesting looking. I looooove the old and creaky haunted house door opening. I think you could have another similar sound leading up to the 1 at 00:46 when the Drums kick in. The open hat introduced at 1:09 was perfect, but I want more... I'm hearing things coming in from the left and panning to the right in groups of 4 measures at a time. The minimal Bass elements are quirky and work for what you're going for imo, but they need more presence. A few of your Sublike hits could come up a DB or two, and I would definitely play around with adding some Mid-Range layers to add to your Bass, to give them more impact. Cool WIP so far."
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