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well im useless at this shit so thought id share it with u guys!

Do your videos create Hype?

Playaz are hiring!!

I’m looking for someone to film, produce and edit short weekly video blogs for myself, DJ Hype. You need to be competent in video editing; preferably using Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Pro Express. You would be working from home – as I would send gig footage to you via email - but also req...uired to meet and film short segments of the blog with myself based in London. You may be a university graduate looking for your first break, or a professional editor looking for some extra work… You’ll have great ideas on how to make my blog look cutting edge and ahead of the pack, while knowing how to boost its awareness online.

To get an idea what I’m looking for, check out my recent Kiss blog at -

If you think you can match this or better, then send me your CV via facebook and a short message why you think you’re the right person for the job.

Only serious video heads need apply!