WORDS MATTER - A Future Thinkin Compilation - Rel 14/02/12

Future Thinkin

Harmony Thru Music....
Mar 9, 2009

The Words Matter album is due for release on Future Thinkin Digital.

The tracks on the album run the whole gamut of contemporary drum & bass music, from storming, amen-led dancefloor-crushers, to quiet, contemplative rollers. No matter the style though, the quality of production on the album is unstinting.

Fifteen amazing tracks from a huge variety of international producers, this release only adds to the reputation that the Future Thinkin label has built up. The tracks, in the main, take a vocal element, and transport it far, far away. With this album, the label are "asking the question, making the statement, asking you to think about how important words are to music and to us all."

Various Artists – Words Matter LP – FTDIGREC11

  1. Motta - Let Me Know
  2. Celerity & DBR UK - Sonic Step
  3. Undersound - Meet Me In My Shadow
  4. Rene La Vice - Maintain
  5. 2ndCityBlue - Bermudaz
  6. Flatliners - Human Beings
  7. SoliD - Blue Grooves
  8. Grimm - Hunters March
  9. Soultec ft Grimm - Last Call Of The Sun
  10. Pouyah - Fooled
  11. Minor Editz - The Game
  12. Mortem - 15.10.89
  13. Sintez - Follow Me
  14. Atmospherix, Blue Motion & Grimm - Layback
  15. Kodama - Its Not A Nice Feeling

"Changing DNA to DNB..."

Promo's on 1st Feb Exclusively from Future Thinkin Digital.. (www.future-thinkin.com)
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