Wonky Half-time Thread


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Jan 20, 2013
Couldn't find a thread where it's on the genre as opposed to specific releases. Always on the look out for more stuff but since it's so niche find it quite hard to source new tracks. Post any as a reply with a link to their SC and i'll add them to the OP.

Disclaimer: Most of the artists produce other genre's as their main output, might take a bit of digging on their SC to find non-dubstep/dnb/trap releases


Alix Perez - https://soundcloud.com/alixperez
ARKTKT - https://soundcloud.com/the-arktkt
Bleep Bloop - https://soundcloud.com/bleep-bloop
Crypticz - https://soundcloud.com/crypticz-1
Deft - https://soundcloud.com/deft
Former - https://soundcloud.com/former
Greazus - https://soundcloud.com/greazus
Halogenix - https://soundcloud.com/halogenix
Hyroglifics - https://soundcloud.com/hyroglifics
Ivy Lab - https://soundcloud.com/ivylab
JNTHN STEIN - https://soundcloud.com/jnthnstein
Kromestar - https://soundcloud.com/kromestar
Lakeway - https://soundcloud.com/lakeway
Lewis James - https://soundcloud.com/unclelew
Metrodome - https://soundcloud.com/metrodome
Monty - https://soundcloud.com/montydnb1
Monuman - https://soundcloud.com/monuman
Mr Carmack - https://soundcloud.com/mr_carmack
Noisia - https://soundcloud.com/noisia
Ponicz - https://soundcloud.com/ponicz
Posij - https://soundcloud.com/posij
Shield - https://soundcloud.com/dj-shield
Signs - https://soundcloud.com/signs-music
Silent Dust - https://soundcloud.com/silentdust
Sinistarr - https://soundcloud.com/sinistarr
Stray - https://soundcloud.com/stray
Tehbis - https://soundcloud.com/tehbis
Thelem - https://soundcloud.com/thelem
Touchy Subject - https://soundcloud.com/touchysubject
Two Fingers - https://soundcloud.com/amon-tobin
Was A Be - https://soundcloud.com/wasabe


20/20 LDN - https://soundcloud.com/2020ldn
Division - https://soundcloud.com/divisionrecordings
Sweetbox - https://soundcloud.com/sweetboxmusic

Notable Releases

VA - 20/20 Vol. 1
Ivy Lab & Alix Perez - Fortuna EP
VA - Division 001
VA - Division 002
Noisia - Outer Edges
Shield - My Flava EP
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updated. Also added a 'notable releases' section for EP's that are mostly wonky stuff so new listeners have a starting place. suggestions welcome.
Would you chuck Sam Binga into this? Even Om Unit or Chimpo? Not bang on but pretty close to the sound.

Critical and Exit as labels release a bit of this stuff from time to time.
yo i tried to link SINIC and OCEE eps on the flexout waves series but the soundcloud linking seems to be broken and after the 3rd time trying now i am just annoyed
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