wobbly tracks i made in FL


Nov 16, 2008
Winnipeg Manitoba
Spam here :D so i made a few tunes in FL and i want to hear some peoples honest opinions, couple things though yeah the drums are a bit repetitive i know lol unfortunately im not a master loop maker :P but the basslines n stuff is what im going for.

i just called this one cheapo idk what to actually call it


this one i randomly called chomped out


this ones i called ripped apparently lol


i needa figure better names out for the tracks probably something to do with the samples lol

but yeah opinions n tips n shit would be sweet

hit my back yo!!


hit ME back yo!!
bass is pretty cool may maybe a tad loud though....need more switchups i think, but u know how dnb works id say.

drums are pretty poor man, its all well and good sayin ure more bothered about the bass, but if the drums are good it almost adds suspence as to whats gunna happen, so the drop is like superbad.
YES YES YES I KNOWWW lol fuck i hate my drums lol i need someone to make tehm for me :P but yeah i spend alot of time on the basslines and i do need to eq the tracks better but thanks for actually sending some feedback
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