Wobble This...


Dec 14, 2002
From Puerto Rico...(up and running again)

yeh, well i never put up sets anywhere but in this case its just fun 4 shit and giggles... i was bored and in Puerto Rico my friends are just putting down the wobble movement and the clownstep so i made a mini set with the most wobble sounds i could find ... i hope you enjoy the set...

From Puerto Rico

1 )Twisted Individual- Does exactly what it says on the tin or your money back
*Total Science- Nosher(Baron Rmx)
2 )Infrared vs. Gil Felix- Capoeira(Clipz Rmx)
3 )Dj Hazard- Enuff iz Enuff
4 )Clipz- Funk Physics
5 )Fresh- Foreigner
6 )Nightbreed- Pack of Wolves :rockposse
7 )Pendulum- Another Planet
8 )Ram Trilogy- Screamer
9 )Moving Fusion- Guy Fawkes
10 )Zinc- Ska
11 )Dj Hazard- Ready 4 This
12 )Futurebound & Jaquan- Blind Clobbers Thumb
13 )Fresh & Vegas- Elm Street
14 )Dillinja- Twist em out
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im surprised with u sayin,Fresh- Foreigner,Nightbreed- Pack of Wolves,ram Trilogy- Screamer,Futurebound & Jaquan- Blind Clobbers Thumb,Fresh & Vegas- Elm Street are clownstep,obviously this clownstep word is gettin outta hand,"wheres that clownstep producer ermmmmm technial itch" :rinsed:
basically this set was 4 my friends and what they think is clownstep... that wobble sound... in their mind is anything and everything that doesnte have to do with tech step, liquid, or darks dnb... :oscar:
TrixX said:
... sorry ...
just forget about the whole thing ill rename it...

big up for tryin to educate your mates on good music, and puttin a mix up too, just dont buy into that whole crap classification of music dude, its unhelpful.
But good on you for doing a mizzle and posting it mate
TrixX said:
... sorry ...
just forget about the whole thing ill rename it...

lol nah i know what u sayin lol but those tunes i did name,ur mates really need to understand what is clownstep or shall i say so called clownstep.u get me?
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