Wobble Sub?

Use 1 osc. Use Squ-Sw1 (the sound that comes up first anyway) Turn your WT position knob all the way to the left, turn the pitch down to -12.00 - Go to Filter 1, choose low pass 4, and have your cut off knob facing about 10 o'clock. Turn the resonance all the way down. Go to 5 LFO, click on the 4 arrow symbol (has an arrow facing in every direction) then go and click on the box under your cut off, the first one on the left. There are 2, with this symbol underneath is - (a hyphen)

Go to your 5 LFO, set it the ratio to 1 over 8

So... 1

Set the 2 wavetables to the sideways S. I think it's a sine wave. Go back to your cut off, and click and hold down on the 5, and drag down a little bit, until you're happy with the amount it's cutting in and out (slightly, very slightly is closest from what I did, or else it's too in your face)

Now, from here - finishing touch. Go to your 4 Env, make sure delay, attack and release are turned all the way down. Decay, and the 2 level knobs all the way up.

That should just about do it. Even maybe put some Chorus or reverb to make it more interesting, but do it wisely. Hope you can understand that.


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^^ he is on it, a lot of people don't realize when using LFO's and Modulation that just barely moving the knob, will produce different results, ive got some of my best sounds by just moving the dial a few notches..

And when you add the chorus or verb, BE VERY CAREFUL, they can emulate phasing but if you do it moderately, you should be good.

I personally don't use Massive for sub bass but...


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Yes there is, every daw has one most basic synth, they are usually the cleanest for pure sinewaves. Massive is very smooth too for pure waves if used correctly.
Yo again. Just bumping this thread again quickly. Although this thread helped me out a lot ( I can get a nice wobble sub now), I would like to know how I can improve this sound to get a similar wobble sub that Mutt often used to use. I'll attach a couple examples.

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