Wizkid Autumn is here mix


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Sep 4, 2008
Probably the tightest mix ive done so far

only a 10 minute mix but has some heavy tunes


Tracklist -

Hazard - Trouble Maker
Bassface Sascha - International Sound
Twisted Individual - Hand Grenade (Clipz Remix)
Sub Focus - X Ray
Jaydan - Felony
>> Total Science - Sqaush (VIP)
Pendulum - Another Planet
Hazard - Busted


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Nov 8, 2007
Absolutely ridiuclous mix bruv.

Also big up the MC Hazza on this one!

Blazin business rude boys


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Jan 7, 2007
mixing is getting better, ur gettin the double drops in on time now, still a lil dodgy on the beatmatching but thats jus endless practice

jus a couple of things you could work on, put more thought into selecting the mixes, dont jus stick with the first mix that sounds remotely good, try everything till you get a few gems...
also you could use with the eq a bit more, mix it up n play bass from one tune and the melody for another



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Sep 4, 2008
cheers for the info bruv =]
have been doin a bit of experimentin
lately so shud have some good mixes to post

woop woop

watch this space!
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