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Jan 29, 2014
When I've had a rough day and feel the need to splurge, this happens to be my favorite combination of drugs. Most likely not the most intelligent.
I started off the evening with a few drinks. My friend N and I left and went to this Mexican themed bar to meet up with the rest of the crew. When we arrived I ingested my pill. I've been used to the .25 mg dosages in the past, first time with a .5er. Joined everyone in a liquid cocaine shot (uugghh!) and soon felt the effects of the xanax kicking in.
For about 30 minutes I felt like i was literally melting into the wall. I just sat there with this big goofy grin plastered on my face. N asked me if I was doing ok and i could only reply with '...sizzling bacon...'
After another drink (this one took me about ½ hour to consume) we headed out to the car and smoked a couple of bowls. By this time Im pretty blazed. I'm having a really hard time forming words and the car seems to have the feeling that it's floating in a wave pool. After much nonsense, confusion and laughter we head up to the 2nd bar.
Before we get in I convince J to stay with me while I do a couple small bumps of K. She does not participate since she's not much into the dissociative scene. However, she informed me at this time that she took a .25 mg xanax on the way to the 2nd bar. I find this hilarious and start a fit of laughter that lasted about 20 minutes. In between sneezes and bursts of uncontrolled laughter, J started quacking like a duck in heat. Finally we got out of the car.
I was still laughing. The pavement was being rearranged underneath my feet causing me to stumble.
We entered and found our friends with no trouble. We took another shot (purple hooter??cant remember) and I ordered my personal favorite, a captain and coke. I looked over at N and slurred, "where'sarah?" She replied with, you know she's out of town and has been for the past week.
"Buttt..iwan te make-ow wi herr"
So then I proposition N to make out with me instead. She dismisses me and runs off to the bathroom. Then I go up to J who is stumbling around making a spectacle of herself and ask her to kiss me. She's like sssuuuurre!!
I swear it was like one of those high-fives that completely missed. Our heads missed each other by about a foot and a half. We both think it's hysterical and I almost piss myself at this point. Time for another drink.
I only got about halfway with this one. All of a sudden it was ripped out of my hand by J. She swung her arm out and sprayed about 5 bystanders. She then points her finger at me and screams "YOU ARE CUT OFF!!!!"
Where's N? still in the bathroom...
People start yelling and I try to hide behind a chair. Now she's screaming at me but I can tell she's kidding and just wants to make a scene. SO I join in and there we have it. A fabricated bitch fight. J then takes the empty glass and throws it at the bartender's head. Too bad she missed and hit a stack of glasses.
I can barely stand up at this point. Glass is breaking, people are yelling, someone grabs me (is it N?), and chairs are being thrown. Next thing I know a table topples over and liquor is spilled all over us.
Then Im outside.
Then I wake up naked in my bed (fouton). I am covered in sand and it's 12:30 pm the next day. Apparantly I made it to the sand volley ball courts just outside my apartment door and tried to win some sort of self tournament. Me vs. me There is also about 4 new bruises on my body.
I stumble downstairs and start talking to my roomate. I can only remember up to the making out part and she stops me mid-sentence.
"that was YOU guys?!"
You know it was a rough night when you get one of those kinds of statements the next day.
Then I talk to J who tells me that she wakes up in some strange house. There is a post-it on her forehead saying :: Your cell phone and I.D. are in my bedroom. Wake me up when you want a ride home --Joe::
J was like, who the fuck is Joe? So she goes outside to see where she is. None of the streetsigns look remotely familiar. She then tries to find this guys' bedroom. Too bad there's about 4 bedrooms and all the doors are closed and locked.
So she called a cab. We still dont know who Joe is and we are still afraid to go back to the 2nd bar for fear they will remember the ruckus.


May 27, 2009
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