DnB Winter Studio Mix 2021 (Trex, Particle, Monty, Wingz...)


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Jun 13, 2009
Probably the first thing i've recorded in years, little off the cuff mix for promo stuff now i've moved.
Not my smoothest or most thought out but filled with lots of stuff i'm into at the minute.
Lots of growly, razor sharp bits in here, see what you think!

Monty - Polar Winds
M-Zine - Proceed
Teej - I Know
SL8R - Diesel
Revan - The Method
Rockwell - Vent
Rizzle - Pathways (ft. Wingz)
Lupo - Licka
Revan - Houndini
Walk:r - Leprechaun
Klinical - Around Me (Workforce Remix)
Nymfo - Headhunter
Monty - F4DE
Particle - Nosedive
Klippee - Hunter
Particle - Wound
P.A - Outta Spite
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