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everyones fav austrian
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managed to get something decent going
Jade - Smashface [Eatbrain]
Noisia & Alix Perez - Loose Ends [Invisible]
Phace - Fingerfood [Subtitles]
NickBee - Apollo 18 [Eatbrain]
Xtrah feat. Codebreaker - Lost Time [Symmetry]
Break - Something New [Symmetry]
Optiv & CZA - Hindsight [Subtitles]
Commix - Satellite Type 2 [Metalheadz]
Alix Perez - I'm Free [Shogun Audio]
L 33 - All I Want [Avantgarde]
Skeptical - Cold One (Jubei Remix) [Ingredients]
Nitri - Survivors (Amoss Remix) [Horizons]
Noisia & Alix Perez - Underprint [Invisible]
Bowsar - Kronos [Modulate Rec]
L 33 - Teknology [Rise Audio]
Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero [Invisible]
Mefjus - Leakproof [Critical]
L 33 - Complex Things [Avantgarde]
Phace - Vitreous [Neosignal]
Stealth & Cold Fusion - Frontin' [Subtitles]



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just pressed play and i know it's gonna be good. wicked intro mix btw (haven't got any further yet). also, there's a little error on the tracklist - loose ends was released on shogun.


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Okay, so well played kicking it off with Smashface, one of the biggest tunes from Jade for sure. No fucking around, straight into Loose Ends, need to start playing out stuff off Dark Days EP again, such bangers. Loved the mix, spot on. Fingerfood eases into the mix and builds up for a really filthy drop eventually, not sure how could I miss out on this one before, big tune! Apollo 18 comes in to replace Fingerfood and not long after Lost Time takes over. Spot on selection and mixing in this section, the mix is really moving forward. But the real deal starts with Something New droping, my god this one's a fucking ace!

Still haven't got round to actually try Hindsight in the mix but you've nailed it imo. Really liked the placing and letting it to build up before dropping, clever mixing right here. And Satellite Type 2 on top of that, hell yeah! Wasn't too keen on slowing the momentum down by bringing I'm Free in, but hey, I can see why you've done it with what's about to come next. All I Want is a proper match for I'm Free, wicked blend. And here's Cold One RMX, still my number 1 Jubei tune up to date, loving how All I Want works under Cold One RMX on the second phrase after the drop, bleeping through and complementing the enourmous bass really well. Survivors RMX comes in seamlessly, lightens up the mix a bit just to let Underprint's violent texture drop even heavier a few moments later.

Always struggled with the heaviness of Underprint while trying to mix out of it, another example of clever mixing right there when you bring Kronos in. Sounding vaguely similar to Underprint thus making the switch easy on the ear. You can tell there's another L33 tune in the mix straight away, Teknology with its quickly rolling drums makes way for Floating Zero to ease into the mix and create a wicked momentum on top of Teknology. Leakproof bleeps building up the tension over the breakdown of Floating Zero up to the drop and as much as I'm not a fan of this tune I did enjoy it in this mix.

L33 returns for the last time with Complex Things which work really well on top of Leakproof, again. Was almost expecting you to drop Vitreous into this one, it somehow begged for it :D And yeah, here it goes. A clear favourite of mine off the Vitreous EP, this tune is a beast in the mix. Gotta admit you've saved the best for the very end because my oh my that blend with Frontin' is hell on earth. Perfect match.

Been a while since I've heard your last mix and boy you've kept the bar high. A deadly serious competition, well played Markus :)
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Great mix, rollin, got straight into it, really liked the way Satellite Type 2 came in, and letting Im Free cut, then the next mix rolled ontop really nice with Cold One coming in hard, Underprint came in nicely an built up well with Kronos, then the L33 track and Floating Zero sounded perfect, EQing or Master of this mix is so clean, ended abit sudden but very nice !