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Wingz - Confined Remix Competition


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This is your chance to rework the track 'Confined' by Wingz!
In 2016 this track caused some stir when featured by Noisia in their podcast. Later on we were lucky enough to snap it up and release Confined on to the Demand Selects Series which reached #6 on the Beatport top 100 releases in January 2017 with 4 newcomer artists at that time (Skylark, Grey Code, Wingz and Owneath). The stripped back & minimalistic track was also featured on Drum&BassArena and has since gathered 26k plays and 1400 likes on Soundcloud. A lot people still consider this the 'best' track of Wingz and one of the most mesmerizing tracks on the Demand back cat. We're delighted to give you the chance to remix it. We want to hear new emerging talents or interesting ideas to give this track a rehaul - so give it all you have!

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Friday 28th June 2019!

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Winning remix will:
  • Receive 200€
  • Professional master by Denis Emery @ Mastering.LT
  • Release along the next Wingz Remix EP on Demand Records (Also featuring other remixes)
  • 3 x vinyl or 10 x digital releases from the demand records back catalogue
Good luck and enjoy!
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