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    The Wrongstars have an album out later this year called "Beats, Rhymes & Conflicts" on Unstable Label. They have two singles out prior to this and we have a copy of each up for grabs!

    2 years ago in deepest, darkest Essex four people at that time unknown to each were waiting for their dealer at a studio they all used. As per usual in these situations the dealer was running an hour late and a conversation was struck up. A mutual love of Hip-hop, Breaks, D&B, and partying saw ideas being formed almost instantly and from that day onwards the Wrongstar society was established.

    Consisting of Paul Era, James Bass Invada, Dirty D and MC Mooretime they soon found that the tunes were flowing quicker than the Stella they were drinking and plans to release one single soon expanded into an album. In an industrial estate studio environment which consisted of burnt out cars, smashed windows and run ins with the Police, "Beats, Rhymes & Conflicts" was created.

    Single #1
    • And Then She Was Beautiful
    • Battle ft. ESQ & MC Icon (Merka Remix)
    • Battle ft. ESQ & MC Icon
    • Battle ft. ESQ & MC Icon (Radio Edit)

    Single #2
    • Bring You Down (Affinity Remix)
    • Give It To Them
    • Freakshow

    To win, all you need to do is answer this question:

    How many people are in the group Wrongstars?
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four

    Send your answer to along with your full name, address (so we can send you your prize) and answer.

    For more information on the Wrongstars or Unstable Label:

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