Win the new Atomic Hooligan LP - "Sex, Drugs & Blah Blah Blah"

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    Atomic Hooligan smash back through the door with a second album that not only rivals their first, but blows it out the water! Following 2005's classic, award winning "You Are Here", the lads toured the world with their live band and branded their heavy sound into the collective consciousness of music lovers from continent to continent.

    Being chosen to champion the Breaks sound live at Breakspoll/Fabric with their 9 piece live band is testament to their passion and ability. They fuse electro, guitar, indie, rock, bass and breaks successfully; truly trying to push the sound further than simply Breaks.

    "Sex, Drugs & Blah Blah Blah" is a step beyond their last album, with new vocalists, new live instrumentation, and a new outlook on music, the Hooligans have outdone themselves again.

    Their sophomore album see's the return of long time Hooligan collaborator, Justine Berry of Hey Gravity, along with new vocalist to the camp and future superstar, Elmo Jones of the Furies. The lads have also employed a couple of Hip-hop legends from both sides of the Atlantic. DJ Premier collaborator, Afu Ra opens the album with an explosive performance to set the mood, then later on in the set, UK don Genasis Elijah rips it up like only this rhyme animal can. The album also features Playboy UK Cyber girl of the Year Alex Sim-Wise turning in a trashy electro style chant for the masses.

    The Hooligans have gone deeper with their production on this set, they pulled in string arranger Jote Osahn, well known for her work with the Gorillaz & Roots Manuva, along with an entire brass section to round their sound out.

    If that wasn't enough Christin Ward (DC Comics) has whipped up some of his amazing, twisted artwork to package the whole thing. This big melting pot of talent really does make for one tasty musical stew by anyone's standards!

    Check out the video for their new single "I Don't Care":

    To win a copy of the album, simply answer this question:

    What was the name of the first Atomic Hooligan LP?
    • You Are Here
    • There You Go
    • Here We Are

    Send your answer to along with your full name, address (so we can send you your prize) and answer.

    For more information on Atomic Hooligan:

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