Win new albums by Shut Up & Dance and ILS, and two hot remixes by The Losers

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    We've been given copies of 'The Great British Public' by Shut Up & Dance on their own label Shut Up & Dance Music, the new ILS album 'Paranoid Prophets' on Botchit & Scarper, and The Losers remixes (signed copies!) of Rage Against the Machine - 'Killing In The Name' and Gossip - 'Listen Up'.

    All you need to do is answer this simple question to be in with a chance of winning one of the following prizes:

    Which duo makes up The Losers?
    • Eddy Temple-Morris & Tom Bellamy
    • Eddie Murphy & Thom Yorke
    • Eddie Guerrero & David Bellamy
    Simply send your answer to COMPETITION CLOSED along with your full name and address and winners will be chosen at random on 20th November 2007. Good luck!

    Information on each prize:

    Shut Up & Dance - 'The Great British Public'

    Since 1989 there has been one record label that has consistently produced music of the highest quality, Shut Up & Dance Music. From the very first album released back in 1990 Dance Before The Police Come, right through to Reclaim The Streets (2003) the standard archived has always been at the highest level. To the duo behind the label PJ & Smiley, Making music is so much more than just a job, it's a lifestyle...

    Their latest offering is 'The Great British Public'. This album has been two years in the making and it's certainly been well worth the wait. This is a 3 cd / Vinyl package containing 14 brand new tracks from the originators Smiley & Pj aka shut up & dance, plus many bonus remixed tracks.

    Containing such titles as Da Night Bus, Welcome To My Wild Side, Make The Needle Jump & Culture Clash this is one slamming collection of music that all music lovers are going to truly appreciate.

    The album also contains an exclusive live in the mix session featuring the guys on the decks & mic, doing what they love the most, rocking the place. Guests on the album include: Singing Mc Fats performing vocals on Outta National , TaxMan from The True Playerz giving it one hell of a Drum & Bass remix for all the jump up massive. Wookie's soulful reworking of All Loved Up , Nick Thayer's remix of Make the Needle Jump, Reso's dub step interpretation of Da Night Bus, The Hackney Soldiers breaks remix of Hold Tight, and a reworked mix of Take It Easy, a classic from the shut up and dance label back in the day, with this mix bringing it bang up to date.

    With tracks like Glory Days &The Fame Game already creating a stir on the dance floor (judging by the response they get when Smiley & Pj drop them in their Dj sets worldwide), this album is an essential addition to the record collection of anyone who's serious about their music...

    ILS - 'Paranoid Prophets'

    With musical credentials that most producers would kill for, the organic Breakbeat mastermind that is ILS really does not need an introduction! With early 12” releases on groundbreaking labels such as Good Looking Records and Mo Wax, ILS had his foot firmly lodged in the musical door from the off. Long Players on the pioneering Fuel Records ('Idiots Behind The Wheel') and Brighton's number one imprint Marine Parade ('Soul Trader') led the path to his recent 'Bohemia' album on Distinctive. Which brings us to today...

    For his new album 'Paranoid Prophets' ILS has reshaped his sound once again, drawing influence from right across the musical board. Soaked with his trademark choppy organic drums and low-end bass tones 'Paraniod Prophets' see's ILS push his sound to a whole new level.

    'Hate Is An Illness (get well soon)' lights the fuse, a lower tempo affair featuring vocals from Thalia and Vanessa Smith drifting over in a haze. 'Everybody Needs A Shrink' lifts the lid on Pandora's box, tapping into the darker corners of the mind, leading us down the Breakbeat path...

    Next up 'Broken Homes' unleashes itself before vocals from Valkyrie soothe on 'Hope And Torture'. Taking a turn to the darker side, 'No Money on Trees' haunts the soul with hypnotic strings and constricting verbs from Wonda. Dropping the vibes down, 'Sleeping Village' shows the musical diversity of ILS. 'Burn Again' clips at the heels and commands your attention, with 'Always' to round off the album, featuring the heavenly tones of Keatz, to send you gracefully into the night...

    The Losers Remixes

    Eddy Temple-Morris and Tom Bellamy are LOSERS.

    Eddy is the XFM DJ responsible for the corruption of thousands of former rockers, slipping a pill into their collective pints and seducing them onto the dance floor until dawn.

    His now legendary XFM radio show ‘The Remix’ (Sony Award nominated ) has dominated the airwaves for over six years and firmly lodged dance music into rock fans earlobes and vice versa (now the biggest specialist show on the station).Tom is a keyboard, FX pedal and guitar legend whose perfect cheekbones and wild techno-noise could be seen and heard on stage right of a Cooper Temple Clause gig for many years.

    Together they produce and remix music at Bleak House, a rural studio in Berkshire, England. If you stand in the yard you can hear the banging of a rivet gun in the Metal-Works on one side, clanging from the car body shop on the other, and furious beats, insane bleeps and rumbling squelches coming from the open studio door. A nice bearded man called Alan brings them chilli jam and bizarre cheeses to go with the mixed seeds they eat all day, following a studio food tip from Paul Epworth.

    What do they sound like?

    RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, ‘Killing In The Name’ (LOSERS REMIX) : is an explosive indie rock re -working..

    GOSSIP, ‘LISTEN UP’ (LOSERS REMIX) is an upbeat vocal,4/4 electro, house mash up..

    Picture the twin headed beast of Liam Howlett and Soulwax Nite Versions taking Teenage Badgirl up the arse at SebastiAn's house, while Kissy Sellout watches, speaking simultaneously on a mobile phone conference call with Justice and Pendulum.

    ‘Killing In The Name’ has been Eddy's signature tune closing legendary sets at Glade Festival, Manumission, Razzmatazz, Secret Garden, Es Paradis and on tour with The Prodigy. This slice of Pendulum/Mr Oizo inspired genius is the best thing Tommy and Eddy have ever done...and they've done a lot. This end of set bomb has already sold out on pre-order and is guaranteed to leave a crater the size of Hiroshima on any dancefloor.

    This is their debut release…their remixes have graced the AA-sides of Gossip, Alex Gopher, Kasabian and Dan Le Sac & Scroobious Pip.

    Their forthcoming release is a huge remix of Candi Statton ‘You’ve Got The Love’, followed by a single in November and debut album in February next year.

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    That Ils album is wicked!