Win a signed copy of The Thrillseekers nightmusic volume 3

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    To celebrate the Thrillseekers' headlining Digital Society on September 12th, we are giving away five signed copies of 'Nightmusic Volume 3', the latest installment in the critically acclaimed 'Nightmusic' compilation series.

    The Digital Society team have selected ten artists featured on the compilation and have posted their photos in a thread on the new
    Digital Society forum.

    For the chance to win, just send the correct names of all ten artists in a private message to 'cleggy' on the forum.

    Stuck? Check out the 'Nightmusic Volume 3' tracklist here

    If anyone has any problems signing up then drop cleggy an e-mail at cleggy [at] Good luck!

    Nightmusic Volume 3 is available now.