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Passenger Records are proud to release their brand new album project 'This Way Up', a collaboration between D&B golden child Friction and Breaks legends Aquasky's Passenger Records, this album looks set to be one of the most exciting projects in it's genre this year.

We've been handed a few copies to give away to our loyal D&B crew, CD1 features 19 Breaks tracks expertly mixed by D&B legend, Friction, and CD2 is exclusive and unmixed. All you have to do to win a copy is answer this simple question:

What is the name of the track that Friction teamed up with Aquasky and Spyda to create? Is it..

  • The Freaks Come Out
  • Fat Controller
  • Control Freek
Fire your answer over to COMPETITION CLOSED and we'll send the CD out when the competition closes on 20th November 2007. Please be sure to include your full name, address (so we can mail you the CD), and most importantly your answer. Good luck!

Some more information about the album..

This Way Up - Mixed by Friction

Passenger Records are proud to release their brand new album project 'This Way Up' a collaboration between D'n'B golden child Friction and breaks legends Aquasky's Passenger Records this album looks set to be one of the most exciting projects in it's genre this year.

Spread over two CDs and featuring twelve brand-spanking news tracks commissioned by Aquasky especially for this album 'This Way Up' features hot, unreleased tunes from some of the scenes leading producers including Tom Real & The Rogue Element, Klaus Hill, Nick Thayer, Dopamine, Kid Blue, Rico Tubbs, Rob Le Pitch, Australian DnB producer Phetsta and UK D&B producer Friction's first foray into breaks alongside new material from Aquasky themselves!

A track-by-track breakdown of exclusive new music featured on 'This Way Up':

Aquasky, Friction & Spyda 'Control Freek' – As mentioned, Friction's first foray into breakbeat production ably abetted by the 'Sky themselves and the one and only MC Spyda 'Control Freek' is a full on break-step killer.

Tom Real Vs The Rogue Element 'Machine' – Winners of 'Best Remixer' (both) and 'Best Producer' (The Rogue Element) at the 2007 Breakspoll Awards as well as nominee for 'Best Producer' in DJ Mags 'Best Of British' poll (The Rogue) This duo are on fire and this is their first single of 2007.

Klaus Hill 'Gurn Face' – Over the years Klaus Hill has been pivotal in shaping the face of breaks. As 2 sinners he has delivered tracks for labels such as Distinctive, Botchit, TCR and Ministry Of Sound alongside remixing UNKLE, DJ Sneak, The Beastie Boys and more. 'Gurn Face' is this man's tribute to his favourite state of mind.

Nick Thayer & Micah 'Scrambler' – The Lead 12” to be taken from this album from these hot Aussie producers. 'Scrambled' is about as big as they come and we're talking 'stadium size' this track is guaranteed to devastate all in it's path.

Aquasky & Acafool 'Have A Good Time' – Aquasky's first single in 12 months weighs in with this absolute arse wiggler featuring Florida's leading booty bass MC Acafool. Trust us, this one carries a warning sticker. Danger!

Dopamine 'Flapjack' – The winner of 'Best Remixer' at the 2006 Breakspoll Awards alongside nominee for two awards at this year's awards our second Aussie Dopamine is certainly one of the hottest production talents out there. 'Flapjack' hits all the right buttons for a right belter.

Backdraft 'Freeze Dried' – This North of England duo certainly know how to make a big tune and 'Freeze Dried'' is certainly no exception. With releases on Botchit and a full length album forthcoming on Passenger, Backdraft are one of the names to watch in the coming year.

The Ragga Twins 'Let Me See Your Hands' – Aquasky have long been recording with the Twins and keeping with their old school funk and breaks theme, the partnership has created another monster sing-a-long anthem for the summertime!

Phetsta 'Four:Eight:Three' – Our third and final contribution from our chums down under comes from DnB ass shaker Phetsta, who alongside Friction is our second artist to deliver his first foray in breaks and it kicks arse, royally. This will feature as the AA on the first 12.. Pure party dynamite.

Aquasky & Rob Le Pitch 'Wasted Music' – Swedish Rob first stepped up on Passenger with 'Twisted' in the first half of 2006 and has gone onto turn out plenty more belters firmly bridging the breaks / electro house border. 'Wasted Music' sees Rob go head to head with the big boys themselves, that's fighting talk fer sure!

Timmy Schumacher feat Kyla 'You Want some' – New Zealand's king of tear out beats and bass Timmy Schumacher has been responsible for several killer releases on Aquasky's Passenger imprint and here deliver a shot of pure blue steel alongside Kyla.

Kid Blue 'Crunch' – Chew The Fat! And Technique resident, Fat! Records and Lot 49 artist Kid Blue is one of the leaders of the breaks / techno / electro crossover. 'Crunch' begins breaks than rapidly descends into four to the floor madness, an excellent release from this future star.

Aquasky & Tom Real 'Another Dimension' – Aquasky's fourth collaboration for this album features alongside fast rising whipper-snapper Tom Real this time slowing the BPMs and keeping things firmly four to the floor with this bass-heavy stomper.

Rico Tubbs 'Intoxicated' – Finland's No.1 exponent of the breakbeat sound follows up his stunning 'flashlighter' single and remix work with this super funk – inspired single 'Intoxicated' Rico leads the way for funked – up party breaks!

CD1: features Shogun Record's head honcho Friction's debut breaks mix, having been turned onto the sound by a desire to further his career as a party DJ, Friction let's loose in his own trademark style – quick mixing, overlaying melodies and vocals and all mixed live in one take this man really does deserve his position as one of the top DJs in the world. Mixing the exclusively commissioned tracks with specially VIP mixes of Passenger back catalogue, Friction's mix breathes fresh air into the world of beats and bass.

CD2: includes all fourteen exclusively commissioned singles, unmixed for your listening pleasure.


At the age of 27 Friction has risen through the ranks of Drum N Bass to become one of the leading DJ and producers on the scene. With releases across seminal labels such as Valve, Tru Playaz, Renegade Hardware alongside his own Shogun Audio imprint, Friction has taken over the world with his unique DnB sound. 'This Way Up' not only sees his first mix album but also his first breaks release 'Control Freek' produced especially for this album alongside Passenger label bosses Aquasky. Upon finishing 'Control Freek' Friction was so enthused by the end result he offered to lend his mixing skills to the album project, seamlessly blending all twelve new tracks alongside three VIP mixes of classic Passenger back catalogue and one brand new unreleased Aquasky single.

Aquasky began life in the mid 90's producing lush Drum N Bass for Moving Shadow records. Having succumbed to the lower BPM breaks sound Aquasky kick-started what is now known as the 'Bassline' sound, using their knowledge of D'n'B to make kick arse beats. Soon after they launched Passenger & 777 Records to release their own material and have continually looked to push boundaries forward with this sound. In 2006 they released their 10th Anniversary 'Teamplayers LP' an artist album which feature collaborations with some of the biggest players in breaks, this concept spurred them onto begin the 'This Way Up' mix album. Approaching artists they felt are creating interesting music within the scene and inviting them to contribute an exclusive single to the album. Did I mention this trio received 7 nominations at this year's Breakspoll? Surely a worthy achievement!

'This Way Up' Album – Full Track Listing:

CD1 – Mixed By DJ Friction
  1. Nick Thayer & Micah 'scrambler'
  2. Backdraft 'Popcorn VIP'
  3. Dopamine 'Flapjack'
  4. Tom Real & Rogue Element 'Machine'
  5. Backdraft 'Labrat (Aquasky Remix VIP)'
  6. Noisia 'Gutterpump'
  7. Aquasky & Friction feat. Spyda - 'Control Freek'
  8. Kid Blue 'Crunch'
  9. Backdraft 'Freeze Dried'
  10. Klaus 'Heavyweight' Hill 'Gurnface'
  11. Timmy Schumacher feat. Kyla 'Who Wants Some'
  12. Aquasky & Elhornet 'Girls & Boys VIP'
  13. Ragga Twins 'Let Me See Your Hands VIP'
  14. Phetsta 'Four:Eight:Three'
  15. Tom Real & Aquasky 'Another Dimension'
  16. Rob Le Pitch & Aquasky 'Wasted Music'
  17. Aquasky & Acafool 'Have A Good Time'
  18. Rico Tubbs 'Intoxicated'
  19. The Ragga Twins feat Aquasky and DJ Go 'Everybody Hype'

CD2 Unmixed – All exclusive
  1. Nick Thayer and Micah 'Scrambler'
  2. Aquasky and Tom Teal 'Another Dimension'
  3. The Ragga Twins 'Let Me See Your Hands'
  4. Rico Tubbs 'Intoxicated'
  5. Timmy Schumacher and Kyla 'Who Wants Some'
  6. Backdraft ' Freeze Dried'
  7. Aquasky and Acafool 'Have A Good Time'
  8. Aquaky and Rob Le Pitch 'Wasted Music'
  9. Klaus 'Heavyweight' Hill 'Gurnface'
  10. Dopamine 'Flapjack'
  11. Phetsta 'Four:Eight:Three'
  12. Kid Blue 'Crunch'
  13. Rogue Element And Tom Real 'Machine'
  14. Aquasky, Friction and Spyda 'Control Freek'

With a release date set for end of September and three double A singles to be released between here and there. This project will be large, you have been warned!


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