WIN a copy of Beatkokko's Molecular Damage LP!


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ISO:ATION TANK's Molecular Damage Giveaway

WIN a copy of Beatokko's Molecular Damage LP!

To enter, submit an entry form, found on the ISO:LATION TANK website.

Two winners will be picked at random. One DJ and one listener will win a copy of ISOLP001!

Go to to enter!

01. All entries must be received on or before midnight September 20, 2005.
02. Only one entry per person.
03. You MUST specify if you are: A a DJ or B a listener. (If you are both, just put "DJ". )
05. You MUST provide us with a valid e-mail address.

Clips of the LP can be found in the releases section of the site. Two winners will be picked at random. Good luck to all who enter the draw!