Win a 8.81GB Loops & Samples Pack + PRO Studio Monitors!


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Jun 8, 2009
Win a copy of our brand new 7 DVD sample pack, over 8.81 GB's of loops and samples (full spec bellow) + a set of PRO active monitors.

We are holding a completion for producers to make the demo tracks we will use to show the capabilities for the sample pack to our customers.
There will be 3 winners in each category, dubstep, drum n bass, electro and minimal techno. 12 in total.

How its works:
1. Post a link here with 3 tracks you have made in the past
2. We will pick the best 12 producers who will get a FREE copy of the pack to make there demo from.
3. The overall winners will win the prizes bellow.
4. Every one who receives the pack get to keep it as runner up prize.

These 12 producers will each be sent a copy of the massive 8.81 GB sample library FOR FREE that they must use to make the demo track for the final and to keep.

We will be using these tracks on our website to show what can be done with the samples.

The PRIZES are:
1st. The overall winner will win a set of PRO active studio monitors + Life long subscription to every pack we release.
2nd. 4 second prizes of every sample pack we release in the future, approx value 500 per year.
3rd. 12 prizes of the 8.81 GB sample pack.

The rules are are:

You must use the sounds with in the pack only.

You are aloud to use only these FX; compression, reverb, delay, EQ (including high / low pass etc), noise gate and limiters on the sounds.

We will also allow natural overdrive on the drum parts (I.e not fuzzy guitar amp simulators, just either gain over drive, or the overdrive in logic or cubase etc).

Track must be supplied un-mastered - no effects on the master bus can be used

Must be at least 2 mins 45 seconds in length.

Must have at least 7 different sections, this is a demo track to show off the samples, not a club track.

Must contain a clear intro, drop, and mini drops in to each section.

The winners will also have the chance to do the demo tracks for us in the future - paid 350 per track.

To qualify please:
1. post a link to your 3 tracks (that you have made) @
2. post a thread here to let us know you have submited the tracks]
3. This is a FREE competion - you do not need to buy anything

You have a pretty good chance of winning, so post your tracks up!

This is the pack:

Exclusive Drums - RRP £59.99

Exclusive Drums is ram-ma-jam with 1500 secret percussive weapons and fired up hits. This DVD is guaranteed to beef up any production, it contains hench hits, slamming snares, kick-your-head-in kicks, nimble ghost taps, dexterous dubbed out drums. Plus a full super-charged live drum section including Jamaican steel drums, african conga's and south american bongo's.

Moving Fusion - RRP £49.99

This power-house of sound is an inspiration from the moment it comes out of its wrapper. It is jam packed with speaker blowing sub-basses, high basses that warp and twist the limits of sound. A versatile selection of ultra phat modern and classic leads from a plethora of analogue and modeling synths. Swirling and sparkling pads, deep strings and a collection of inspiring FX.

Speaker Bustin' Bass RRP £39.99

WARNING: This sample pack contains extreme bass frequencies at low at 22hz. An un-missable collection of 420 bass multi samples from classic analog synths such as the SH-101, Obrenheim and Moog. All samples are listed in key groups, and more interestingly the frequency of each note are listed so you can adapt you bass lines to work perfectly in a club situation with out the need for a sub woofer.

Sonic Art - RRP £59.99

Welcome to sonic dementia. This CD is a comprehensive analysis of the shear power of digital and analog synthesis. It contains a rich source of pulsing basses, screaming resonant leads, sweeping soaring pads and textures from the dark side. Nearly every sound will have you running to your sampler, filled with inspiration and feeling

Thumpin Drums - RRP £59.99

Some drums you hear, other you feel. This epic collection of sub tearing, tweeter sizzling, amp frying drums will add some serious testosterone to your productions. Possibly the heaviest collection of drums ever created with over 6,000 hits. Thumpin Drums will keep your speakers happy for years!

Electrostatic Violence RRP £59.99

Electrostatic violence contains an explosion of slamming bass wobbles, tearing sawtooth Reese bass and resonating pulsewiths through to deep LFO' d sqaurewave sequences and perfectly sampled classic hoovers. This collection of 1000+ samples contains only the highest energy sounds found in Drum n Bass, Dupstep and Electro. An absolute must if you plan on making dance floors move.

16 Bar FX - RRP £49.99

FX can make the difference between a compelling piece of dance music and a boring loop. Add some sizzle and spice to your productions today with this flawless army of sweeps, pre drop risers, end of 16 bar fills, builds, drops, double drops, and clicks and pops.


fair shout.
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Apr 15, 2008
hmm, might get a few tracks finished to submit. what if you make more than one genre? can you submit a track from 3 genres.
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