Wilsh B2b Madcap Live on Tectonic Radio tonight

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    Feb 7, 2004
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    Another Tuesday session with Wilsh, better known through his residency at Technicality
    and his own "Uncertified" events, on a back 2 back set with the scratchaholic Movement award winning dj Madcap!

    Expect the dnb flavors to kick in yet again! ;) Show starts at 19:00 UK/GMT - 21:00 Greece

    Tune in at: http://www.tectonic-radio.net/listen.html
    Direct link: http://www.tectonic-radio.net/24.m3u
    Website: http://www.tectonic-radio.net/
    Chat: http://www.tectonic-radio.net/chat/ OR using an irc client (Such as mIRC) connect to any EFnet server and join #tectonic

    >>> LATEST NEWS:

    This Friday, April 30th 2004, we will be broadcasting live from the Dry Room @ club MAD (Athens, Greece) an exclusive all greek crew gathering!

    The line-up is as follows:

    On the decks:

    Boycott b2b Runner (D2 crew)
    Harris b2b n_liam (Funxion crew)
    Squawk b2b Gangsta (V-Noize crew)

    On the mic:


    Party starts at midnight and the Tune-in link is