William Hung She Bangs! Goldenchild DnB Remix


What's up all you HeaDnbangers! Haven't been on here in a long time ( been goin through some health problemos, but I'm finally back) but I come back with gifts!

By now I'm sure you all know who William Hung is, that little asian d00d that did the She bang bangy bang! thing on American Idol

Well when I saw him do his audition for the first time way back in Jan/Feb, It just stuck in my head like a file on a floppy! Even my whole family was sayin She bang She Bang! He had such a good attitude and great self esteem about himself, and that's probably why everybody fell in love with the guy.

By now you probably already know that he exploded everywhere (especially on the internet) and you'll see his face everywhere now, from the rolling stone magazines, to the basketball games he's performing with Yao Ming in the background, to Saturday Night Live Skits, HE BE BANGIN!

He even got an Album Contract and it comes out in a few days, April 6th!!!!! He's on KOCH Records in the #1 Independent record label in the country. (well usa anyway) having a vast roster at KOCH including Master P, Royce 5 9, Montell Jordan, GonnaBees, Goodie Mob, B.G., Jeffrey Osbourne, Boyz II Men, Kurrupt and many more.

Well, I thought to myself when I first saw the original audition of she bangs on American Idol. I should do a Remix of it for shits and giggles

Well guess what? I did!

I guess he was having a remix contest as well, so it's an entry for the contest. I listened to some of the remix, and some of them are real terrible and others are real bad. I actually listened to them all and there was no Drum and Bass Remixes! So I had to represent for the DnB family

So if you want to peep out the track it's at
http://www.williamhung.net go to the Music & Video Section and it's called, Goldenchild - Hung Like Snake Remix by Jon Schommer

I guess the voting for the contest he's having is in a week, but I'll let you know when the voting starts. But enjoy the Drum and Bass Remix of She Bangs! This is for all the peoples Requests to have a DnB remix of She Bangs by Hung! Your dreams do come true! ( with a little bit of puff )

Oh yeh if you don't know about William Hung, then before you listen to this remix, go to http://www.williamhung.net and watch the Original Audition of the American Idol, in the Music and Video section and then you'll know all bout the Hung and in once in your life you'll be cool!

Here's a direct link too, if your having any trouble on the hung site, http://koti.mbnet.fi/bore/666/Goldenchild-Hung-Like-Snake-William-Hung-DnB-Rmx.mp3


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William Hung is funny as hell. He goes to the same school as my sistah, which is Berkely, California. He's a big icon at their school. I can't believe he got a record deal, I mean, he really can't sing. But i guess his stuff will sell?
Im'a check out your mix bro. Hopefully the dnb mix will beat the otherz. :zest: