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    10 New Tracks Added - Digital-Aspirin.com

    Hey all...

    If you haven't read or seen the threads... Digital-Aspirin.com is a new website that is beginning to upload DnB tracks from producers interested in getting their music to the public. We've started with talents of Will Miles of MILES A. HEAD and are hoping to continue to add more and more producers.

    We've added 10 New Tracks by Will Miles to our website. Check them out and tell us what you think.

    Pleasure Center
    Prognosis Dizzines
    Return to Dreamer (ONE HELL OF A TUNE)
    Right Now
    Ruby Red
    Say Brotha'
    Schwagg Art

    Also, until the end of the month (9/30), we are offering a 20% Discount on all DNB Tunes on our website. The coupon code is... WILLMILES. It is CASE SENSITIVE, so make sure you use all CAPS when you apply it to your subtotal.

    Finally, if any producers are interested in having their tunes on our website, contact us at thedoctor@digital-aspirin.com.
    We will gladly discuss all the details on how you can be part of this website as well as future ones.

    Get Your Fix!