Wilkinson - Data Transmission Podcast 221


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Apr 3, 2003

TC - Bass By The Tonne
>>> Wilkinson - Tonight (After Midnight Mix)
Wilkinson - Tonight (Original Mix)
Total Science & S.P.Y - Magic Hour
Rene Lavice - Headlock
>>> Culture Shock - Machine
Tantrum Desire - Reach
Sub Focus - Stomp
Morning Parade - Under The Stars (Wilkinson Remix)
Cyantific - Mirador
Emperor - Monolith
Sub Focus - Out Of The Blue
TC - Tap Ho
Cyantific - Infinity
Wilkinson - Pistol Whip
Nero - Crush (Knife Party Remix)
Wilkinson - Every Time (Reverse Edit)
Loadstar Fighting Fire
>>> M-Beat ft. General Levy - Incredible (Junglist Massive)
Wilkinson - Bender Bass
J Majik & RV - Ev's Dead
Top Cat - Special Dedication (Sigma Remix)
>>> Wilkinson - Overdose (VIP)
TC - New Style
Mensah - Quad Bikes (Delta Heavy Remix)
Nero - Reaching Out (Wilkinson Remix)
Noisia - Deception
High Contrast - If We Ever
Camo & Krooked - Cryptkeeper (Mind Vortex Remix)
Cyantific - Defect
Culture Shock - Zeppelin
Camo & Krooked - Get Dirty
Kasra & S.P.Y - Surface VIP
Culture Shock - Protection
>>> Mind Vortex - Hot Box
Data Transmisson uploaded the wrong mix so the mix on that link isn't the correct one, the TL is right. Correct mix should be up tomorrow
that tracklist is so wrong......................................

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so what is that link they uploaded then. its got operator in it. gotta be wilko or cyantific seeing as they are the only 2 playing that track again now
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