Sep 20, 2007
Some one send me some links to this guy's tunes and get me up to date! Havent heard of him before until i awards the results! What lable he sighned to ect ect.. Ge
Serious not bro.. Normally bang into my jump up so take it he's a different sub genre ;) been tied up in moving ect the last year took my eye of the ball a tad
on ram
some good tunes but not really to my taste if im honest
didn't really deserve best breakthrough if it was down to my tastebuds. Has made 2 or 3 tunes i like. All of which sound pretty similar to each other. moonwalker, refugee and overkill
Tonight and the after midnight mix of it are beautiful, he's done some tight remixes too, and puts on a hell of a show live!

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Under The Stars! also Moonwalker/Samurai and maybe Overdose are my favorites... Too samey samey for me though, not bad though always goes down in the clubs.
Do not pay any attention to the results of those joke awards. Wilkinson is not the best breakthrough producer
Discography would go as follows:
Hypnosis appeared on Hospital's Sick Music 2, and it's a bit different to what he's released on RAM.
Then there was Moonwalker and Samurai, released on RAM after Nightlife 5.
Scream It appeared after, on a Nightlife EP.
Every Time and Overdose appeared a while after that, followed by Tonight and Pistol Whip.

A lot of his songs are a bit samey (think about how a lot of artists are using the same formula as Loadstar's Link To The Past - it's a bit like that, bass-driven)
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