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I had this thought when I was doing some vending, I inserted 50p into the machine and pressed for Dr Peper. The machine made a massive whirly noise then clunked. I did not get my Dr Peper but instead 3 cans of coke rolled out the slot, I hit the jack pot. After my victory dance I opened the Coke and basked in my victory.

It tastes good.

Maybe because its free.


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Why Does Coke From a Glass Bottle Taste Different?
By Doug Cantor Posted 07.31.2009 at 9:12 am 29 Comments

The Usual Suspects Various container materials might impart slight changes to Coke's flavor. Courtesy The Coca-Cola Company

It doesn’t. That’s what Coca-Cola’s spokespeople say, anyway. “The great taste of Coca-Cola is the same regardless of the package it comes in,” they insist. Rather, they say, “the particular way that people choose to enjoy their Coke can affect their perception of taste.” Sure, most people would agree that the cola is indeed delicious and refreshing, and pouring it into a glass or serving it over ice could influence the sensation of its flavor. But is it possible that the subtle variation in taste that some notice among aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles is more than just a psychological effect of their soda-consumption rituals?

Given that the formula is always the same, yes, according to Sara Risch, a food chemist and member of the Institute of Food Technologists. “While packaging and food companies work to prevent any interactions, they can occur,” she says. For example, the polymer that lines aluminum cans might absorb small amounts of soluble flavor from the soda. Conversely, acetaldehyde in plastic bottles might migrate into the soda. The FDA regulates this kind of potential chemical contact, but even minute, allowable amounts could alter flavor.

Your best bet for getting Coke’s pure, unaltered taste is to drink it from a glass bottle, the most inert material it’s served in. Even that’s not a sure bet, though. Coca-Cola maintains strict uniformity in processes in all of its worldwide bottling facilities, but it concedes that exposure to light and how long the product sits on store shelves may affect the taste. So yeah, the packaging might mess with Coke’s flavor, but we’ll still take it any day over New Coke.


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Lolling at Coke's rather unimaginative pr department...

Fact is sight/taste/smell are all tied up in a bundle in our brains and severly impact on each other's work so it aint the 'interaction' between drink and receptacle as such more your senses that are changing the taste. I find drinking from glass bottles dulls my perception of the drink in a similar way to holding my nose when I eat something...

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coke is better out of a glass bottle, then can and then plastic bottle. so really a pointless thread cos beer comes best out of glass bottle, and so does coke!


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hold the fuck up.

why is there a thread in waffle that is about a drink, but not an alcoholic drink or either tea or coffee (seeing as they are the boss non alcoholic drinks)?