Why hello there


Greetings from Canada!

I just recently found out about this site, I have lurked a bit today and I believe I would enjoy staying. I recently just got into DnB, just a little over half a year, before making DnB and Dubstep I made Purist Glitch/Noise and IDM. I have just a little over a years worth of producing, I enjoy twiddling around and finding what sounds I can come up with, but I admit, I am lacking in my writing ability, which is mainly why I am here, I don't actually listen to a lot of Drum and Bass (Although I do my best to try, mostly Winamp radio). But anyways. I am looking forward to talking to some of you and learning as much as I can and become a better producer.

Here is my newest song, It's Liquid drum and bass (Which I just learned about and love, although I don't think this is even the same catagory, I just wanted to do my best at writing leads.) Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you want to here is a link to my bands youtube. We play Psychobilly. (I play the drums)

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