why does this happen?


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Jul 29, 2008
when albums are released ie,a vinyl lp why does the cd version of it have more tracks than the vinyl?I have never found this out and vwould like to know.For example i just baught ed rush n opticals new album on vinyl the cd version has some wicked tunes i want on vinyl!Will they be released as a load of singles forthcoming because i would buy them without a doubt but in a way i always feel a bit cheated when im supporting vinyl,and the cd is cheaper and has more tunes!
i couldn't say for definate but it might just be to keep costs down for everyone involved. the label and the customer
As mentioned above, it's a cost thing for sure.

Also, sometimes not all the tracks on the cd are dj friendly or even the same genre as the majority. A couple might be down tempo, house, dubstep.

So only the dnb ones that are going to be big (in their opinions) will be released on vinyl.
1 day i will have no choice but till then i will stick with vinyl,but cdj dj's have the upper hand

yeah but a lot of albums feature listener friendly songs rather than mix friendly, for example on the vinyl release of more than alot, all the tracks are around 6 mins, but on the cd there more like 4

some albums have the full tracks on like universal truth and cheap shots
Best thing to do, which is what i am doing, is get one c.d deck so you can get the tunes you can't otherwise, or old classics that you know will costs you a bomb to get your hands on...

It's annoying that those who use vinyl are limited to what gets cut, but way of the world. At least in dnb we get the privledge of the a vast majority of tunes getting cut unlike other genres...besides hip hop.
I think its a good question to be fair. I was never 100% sure bout this and it seems there could be a few different reasons why but its mainly the costs involved in making a 6 vinyl LP for example, means people wouldnt buy it. It would cost like £25 for a fuckin album lol!

I think all djs should strive to be fluent on all formats like i've said before, 2 turntables 2 cdjs, 4 channel mixer, the world is your dancefloor!
good point, im sure its a cost thing. the MUTT album was like this, and the BREAK album.
I think all djs should strive to be fluent on all formats like i've said before, 2 turntables 2 cdjs, 4 channel mixer, the world is your dancefloor![/QUOTE]

I had thaught about selling my 1210's eventually but then again this option is better as you get best of both i supose.
And i am in desperate need of a new mixer as mine has no mid knobs just hi N low!

The majority of big dj's im sure support vinyl you hear bailey say it all the time, and ray keith on kiss, and loads more but the truth is, i think vinyl is becoming the minority and it sucks!
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