.-**-. Why are my posts getting deleted? .-**-.


time for heroes.
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Jun 13, 2002
On the 'Why do you like MC's' thread...

I made a reply on it about 3 days ago... ITS GONE

I made a reply on it half an hour ago... ITS GONE

I like the MC thread Zesty made :2thumbs: Did something really happen to it????
Why are they getting deleted. Logiks you ain't a mod! You can't delete nothin?


I'm confused. Big up 1992. I haven't made an MC thread? :oops:
I have an idea. Maybe Stu moved them to waffle. Actually the MC post I was thinking of was the one "iamhistorian" posted. I can't recall yours soapy.:zest:
unless mike has deleted your posts i have no idea, are you sure you posted them? lol. im serious btw :)
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