Whoodid Klaww - Space Dementure/System Overload streams/mp3s


May 2, 2003
Takeshis castle
Its taken me too long to get these up - but expect alot more to come!

First up is System Overload - A manical, dark-side mash-up.



Second is Space Dementure - Dark, techy roller that kicks the shit outta yah - this is one of my older tunes, but still heavy.



Ill take all the feedback to guys got to offer - good or bad.

Jay Walker AKA Whoodid Klaww
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wassup partner in crime?!!!!system overload is a fukin heavy heavy tune(damn i wish i done that tune):p u need to get that pressed man!!!!i cant listen to the other 1 cause i havent installed my media player and dunno where the damn disc is!!! system overload 5/5

space dementure still to be rated.
System Overload has some phat ideas man, didn't know you were this far in on the production! Big up mang!

Excellent work, keep it up :thumbsup:
Really like system overload, like the bass line and how you slow down then speed up before the drop. Drums are tight! but dont make the patterns to complicated as it can get a little messy, but makes a nice change to haveing to say the reverse!

Space dementure, needs more variation in the drum pattern unlike above :) Plus I know theres no written law about using samples that have been used before... but I would stick to using the "all those moments lost in time" rather than the whole speech as thats been done before :) Synths are good on this, I would say the pattern and ideas from system overload and synth from this :)
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