Who would you have.. Pt. 2

So who would you prefer to see?

  • Hype & Darren J

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  • Adam F, Twisted Individual & MC MC

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Shit....voted for the wrong option.

I would choose Adam F, Twisted and MCMC.

Hype would bring more people in but the thought of having to sit / rave through a Darren Jay set in this day and age nearly brings me to tears. No offence to the man as he is a true soldier but the last time (and the only time I have seen him recentley) he was awful. But maybe im quite hard to please and he may have been having an off day so I may be wrong but he was awful that day (he nearly got thrown out for smoking a spliff though which was funny). To be honest I thought he had retired from DJ'ing altogether.

Adam F is quite pricey (so im told) but will please the headz with his trickery and vip mixes. MCMC deserves a lot of credit too these days. Long gone are the Bohemian Rapsody lyrics and hes wicked at hyping the crowd. As for Twisted Individual...........

Dont even get me started on Twisted Individual. ;)

Adam F, Twisted and MCMC everytime.