WHO WANTS SOME DUBZ!! Brandon Miles & John Merrik STRIKE!!!!

Once again an arsenal of tunes up on DOA, by Myself and Mr.Merrik!
and I really think yall should check em out, some hot stuff!!!!!

Brandon Miles & John Merrik - Spacemen 2142

the first is song is a vocal number, epic, fun, and all around rockin'!

Brandon Miles & John Merrik - Barelly Legal

the second song is a hard bass heavy tune, lots of distortion, and origanal bass hits

Brandon Miles - Ghost World

the third is a roller coaster of winding bass lines and beats, led by a eary melody

John Merrik - Obey the Bass

the fourth and final tune is led by a wobbly bassline, and classic "drop the bass" samples!!

and don't forget about

Brandon Miles - Big Wheel
which is schedueled to be released on Big H recordings along side the mighty Submerged!!!

I hope that you all enjoy the tunes! Make sure to watch out for Big H recordings, we got alot comin your way!


p.s. post your comments, positive prefered(lol)


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i think spacemen has got great melodies. im really into it. on the downside the break is weak. a different drum kit doing a c4c type beat with hihats rattling away with different percussions on the 16ths would make the tune even better.