who here produces on a mac?

Wylie D

Nov 17, 2002
are there any mactintosh crew on the forum......interested in
what software you have....and more importently 'use'
where do you 'OBTAIN / B U Y ******' your software from !!????!!!??!??!

have any software willing to swap, (not replace)

and just generally some support for the mac producers on here?


New Member
Oct 2, 2003
Yo Wylie

Check out www.jigsaw24.com it apparently uk's biggest apple dealers although i dont know if they mean most sales, shopfloor/warehouse size its worth checkin out, they even do G5's on finance.
I am using windows but soon to move to 64bit processor, apple or windows, although i dont know when 64 bit windows is out.... i was watching BBC learning zone and they compared a 32bit and 64 bit processors they said if a 32bit processor could handle a pint of water the 64 bit processor would handle 2 olyimpic swimmin pools! Thats 500 simulaneous reverbs!, and over 1000 EXS 24bit stereo voices! Nuff said



dj ic

Jun 4, 2003
i produce on both.im doing a music tech course,we use macs there and i have a pc at home.im just getting into the mac.seems alot more solid;we are using reason,cubase,logic,recycle,wavelab(the usual suspects).
But yeah koop the 64 bit processors are the bomb,but at what price?
Thats the sort of machine a cleaning lady would have at the pentagon. :lighter:
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