Who do you send dubs to and do you VIPs for certain DJs?


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Oct 23, 2008
I'm looking to get some dubs done to send to some DJs to get some airtime and hopefully get some tunes played on the live DJ circuit... I know certain DJs get VIP mixes done by the artist, does anyone here do that?

If you do send promos or dubs out, who to? And do you send digital files or get plates or promo vinyl cut? If you send digital files do you send full fat WAVs/AIFs or 320kbps/16 bit/44.1khz/stereo MP3s?

Also, what's the average time that passes from first getting your tune played on the circuit to getting a proper release out?

Ta all...


Mar 27, 2008
u need to get on aim and get peoples addresses, there was a big thread on dnba where some label owners / dj's gave out their address, and tbh out of 100 tunes you send to them about 3 will be good enough for them to listen to.
its a hard business.
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