White Noise - Colossus / Colossal (Sight)


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According to Music First this one is Mampi Swift & Kenny Ken, although I only really hear Mampi's sound on this one, band it's in full effect.
Really strange production on this one, the sound is solid as a brick and really low on subs but it seems to work very well.
Both tunes feature some really massive clanking beats with little chopped amens backing them up and various little oldskool stabs ripping away against the usual mampi style reece sounds.
If you like your more experimental brain smashers like the 3d mode and so on you're bound to like this one, but those audiophiles will probably think it's a stinking pile of shite due to the very basic sounds and crude production but i love it.


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them are some wicked tunes, i thought they sounded too techno for kenny ken and mampi to be involved. I could hear mampi in there tho. Anyway, good tunes.