White Integra DC5 stolen from Harlow!!


Hello boys n girls, my mate has had his DC5 Integra type R stolen. I'm posting this on all the car sites i go on, hopefully as it is such a rare car in the UK someone might hear about someone trying to pass it on for cheap or see it on the road. Reg number is DF52 BFX. If you could spread the word it will be much appreciated. It is championship white with red recaros stolen from Harlow town in Essex, so if anyone sees one in the Essex area there is a good chance it could be his! 5 asian blokes came to test drive the car at 8.15, he was showing them round the car when one jumped in and drove off at high speed dwn the road. The others got into a shogun. If someone in or around a DC5 looks suspicous can u please contact the police.

Thanks people !