Whisper Audio Community / Street Team. Apply within !!!

Whisper Audio Community / Street Team. Apply within !!!


Become a Member of the Whisper Audio Street Team!!!

Whisper Audio is now looking for members of their worldwide street team. As street team members, you will have access to exclusive mp3s from Whisper Audio artists, as well as free entry into any Whisper Audio affiliated events. We will be making one selection per country...to enter your name for consideration please send an e-mail to info@whisper-audio.com. Please include any affiliations, promo/dj experience, photos, flyers, etc. Final selections will be notified by January 18.

We look forward to hearing from everyone.

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If u aint got the exclusive Aperture/Whisper Audio mix grab it NOW!!

Aperture/Whipser Audio MIX

Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Love Like Blood (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
Theory - Zamzummin (unsigned)
Dj Trax - Lost My Tears (unsigned)
Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Sunbathing (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
Aperture - Bija (unsigned)
Digital, Outrage, & Aperture - Distance (forthcoming Timeless)
Aperture Ft. Ill-Esha - Unnoticed (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
A-Sides - Destination Earth (forthcoming Eastside)
Outrage - Metaphysics RMX (Dance Planet X)
Gremlinz - Untitled (forthcoming Audio Decay)
Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Stranger's Eyes (forthcoming Metalheadz)
Outrage - Less Time (Backlash Records)
Outrage & Aperture Ft. Karina Nistal - Breakdown (Whisper Audio)
Aperture - Clover (top secret biz coming soon from Gremlinz & Mutt)
Aperture - Losing the Point (Outsider 017)
Skitty - Ancient Town (forthcoming Project 51)
Aperture - Need You Here (Breakbeat Science 025)
Spotless - She Showed She Smiled (forthcoming Outsider)
Spirit - Layers (forthcoming Inneractive Music)
Kjell - The Dynamic (forthcoming Timeless)
Mutt - Detroit (unsigned)
T Base - Eternally (unsigned)
Sinistarr - Anorak (forthcoming Advanced)
Alaska & Kirsty Hawkshaw (forthcoming Arctic Music)

And check the exclusive DOA Whisper Audio interview here http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthrea...89&mode=article


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