Whisper Audio 001 OUT MON 19th May.


Whisper Audio 001 OUT MON 19th May. Outrage, Aperture and Kirsty Hawkshaw + WA002

Unfortunately there was a unavoidable delay on getting the first release out, but we are back on track now. WA001 Full release Monday May 19th 2008 Through SRD.

Also if you applied for the street team or would like to hit me up personally at outragebeats@hotmail.com

Whisper Audio 002 is in the works. A side Strangers Eyes, was due for release on Metalheadz but there has been a change of plan and we are pleased to announce it will be released on Whisper this year. More info SOOOON - audio www.myspace.com/whisperaudio

New for 2008, with a first release scheduled in May, is Whisper Audio. Whisper Audio was founded in 2006 after drum and bass producers Outrage and Aperture were grace with the vocal presence of siren enchantress Kirsty Hawkshaw. The collaboration was the genesis of a unique hybrid of cutting edge beats and bass, developed orchestration, and ethereal vocal arrangement...a new sound was born. Building upon shared knowledge and individual perspective of the music industry, the three decided to join forces. Their sole pursuit is the development and recognition of experimental music with emphasis on vocal integration. Whisper Audio is their medium.

Side A graces us with a brilliant twist, providing a haunting rendition of Killing Joke's post-punk classic "Love Like Blood". Spooked-out drums and keys lead to dirty stepper beats, which bounce off deep subs to accentuate an already dark presence presented by the vocals. The song culminates in a fury of ghastly stabs, dirty beats, and raw bass to give the listener a feeling none other than spine-tingling.

On the flip, "Sunbathing" boasts a musical flair, and provides a bit of inspiration to the single. Running breaks compliment wistful lyrics, shining through a hopeful (albeit melancholic) accompaniment. This tune truly exemplifies the potential of vocal music within the realm of drum and bass, and holds the potential to become a beacon for the emotional side of our genre.

For audio visit www.myspace.com/whisperaudio


If you didnt grab the Whisper Audio promo mix by Aperture grab it here

Whisper Audio interview here - http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthrea...89&mode=article


Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Love Like Blood (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
Theory - Zamzummin (unsigned)
Dj Trax - Lost My Tears (unsigned)
Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Sunbathing (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
Aperture - Bija (unsigned)
Digital, Outrage, & Aperture - Distance (forthcoming Timeless)
Aperture Ft. Ill-Esha - Unnoticed (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
A-Sides - Destination Earth (forthcoming Eastside)
Outrage - Metaphysics RMX (Dance Planet X)
Gremlinz - Untitled (forthcoming Audio Decay)
Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Stranger's Eyes (forthcoming Metalheadz)
Outrage - Less Time (Backlash Records)
Outrage & Aperture Ft. Karina Nistal - Breakdown (Whisper Audio)
Aperture - Clover (top secret biz coming soon from Gremlinz & Mutt)
Aperture - Losing the Point (Outsider 017)
Skitty - Ancient Town (forthcoming Project 51)
Aperture - Need You Here (Breakbeat Science 025)
Spotless - She Showed She Smiled (forthcoming Outsider)
Spirit - Layers (forthcoming Inneractive Music)
Kjell - The Dynamic (forthcoming Timeless)
Mutt - Detroit (unsigned)
T Base - Eternally (unsigned)
Sinistarr - Anorak (forthcoming Advanced)
Alaska & Kirsty Hawkshaw (forthcoming Arctic Music)