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Nov 29, 2001
Right, we've been havin' this should BodyRock in the charts etc. business, so I thought we could chat about ways WE think the current Drum & Bass scene can move forward.

So have a think, then post your thoughts!

I'm quite happy with the way it is at the moment, plenty of new styles comin' through, SOME new DJs comin' through, seems to be a nice amount of events (I could do with a few more though), and lastly, the overall atmosphere at raves is good :) I'm happy!

Your thoughts please.
Personally I think the dnb scene won't really get that much bigger than the size it is at the moment, yes we've seen a few releases that have seen chart status but look at them closely.....is this a true representation of what the core scene is about? I don't think so, come on people look at 'addicted to bass', where the fuck is that coming from.

The dnb scene is the healthist it's ever been, and still it's kept its underground label, which (I'm sure I don't speak of myself) is the only way I'd have it. At the end of the day I think commercialisation spoils the creation of music, because basically people jump on the band wagon and produce shit.

Do we want dnb to take the same route as garage? I certainly fucking don't.

The way I think the scene should move forward is the same way I've seen it move forward in the past......slow evolution fuelled by the people who love the scene.

Anyway enough of my alcohol induced babble

nice post Klusta, I agree with everything he's said

Like i mentioned in the other thread im pissed off Bodyrock entered the charts, but I'm not afraid of D&B becoming commercial, the vast majority of it is too harsh to ever become chart matierial

I think I'm happy with the scene in general, altho the majority of the new stuff coming out hasnt impressed me, some have (ska, bodyrock, shake your body, Flava EP on V to name some off the top of me bonse)
Klusta, Sassy, your thoughts brought a tear to my eye ;)

Nah, seriously.. I'm feelin' both your thoughts!

I'm on y0 side.
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