Which sample packs have the best build up sounds in?

mr meh

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Oct 17, 2010
Hull, UK
So I've got the same sample packs which most people seem to be using (Vengeance, Primeloops....etc) but i dont really like the build up sounds in them...

I'm still a beginner so not really sure how to make my own just yet, so can anyone recommend packs that have good build ups in?



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Nov 2, 2009
Yeah the most simple riser is just white noise with a little reverb and then automate the cutoff so it's opening. You could also add envelopes to the pitch to get fall and rise sounds


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Mar 7, 2011
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Also for making your own what I do is this:

make a synth sound that works well with my bass and other sounds

in the modulation matrix of my synth (Blue) i assign a multi-envelop to control the main pitch by 4 octaves

for the envelope i usually use an 8 bar rise from left to right so the pitch increases over 8bars for which ever note i play (this makes my rise in tune with the song)

then ill set up a separate multi-envelope to control a lowpass filter

for the filter envelope i use whatever length i used for the pitch and also make it a rise from left to right but ill add in some random spikes to makes it have more movement...

then FX it however you want =D


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Nov 26, 2009
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You can take anything and turn it into a riser/build up!

Take a sound, cut a peice out of it, repeat it over 4 or 8 bars
-Throw a filter overtop and slowly bring the sound in
-Automate the transpose so that it is slowly raising in pitch
-Automate the volume so it slowly rises
Convert to audio file, add some other effect, do it all again

the possibilities are endless

Try stretching sounds out, use increasing lfos on the filter to make it get more wobbly over time

Building risers is can be pretty fun and easy

Sorry this doesn't actually answer your original question but it is an alternative

For small buildups that cover about 1 bar i like using reverse cymbals
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